There are some words, some names traveller need to know before reading about Quang Binh.

Dong Hoi (Đồng Hới): Name of the only city in Quang Binh province,

Nhat Le (Nhật Lệ): Name of the river flows through Dong Hoi city to the sea. Also is the name of the beach at Dong Hoi city.

Phong Nha – Ke Bang (Phong Nha – Kẻ Bàng): Name of a national park located about 50 km northwest of Đồng Hới city and was listed in UNESCO’s world heritage in 2003.

Thien Duong (Thiên Đường) caves: Name of a very beautiful cave in Phong Nha Ke Bang.

Da Nhay (Đá Nhảy) and Nhat Le (Nhật Lệ) are beaches feature white and fine sands, clean water, and are among one of the most attractive beaches in Vietnam

Bang Spa: a hotspring area in Lệ Thủy District with resort and health care services. The temperature of the watwer at the jet hole can reach up to 105 degree Celsius.

Quang Binh Quan (Quảng Bình Quan): Name of the ancient gate in the old Town (Today is Dong Hoi city). At the moment it is the symbol of Quang Binh province