Quang Binh specialities: Banh bot loc

Banh bot loc (bot loc cake or loc cake, vietnamese: bánh bột lọc)  is one of top 5 local specialities in Quang Binh. It’s a kind of cake (cake in vietnamese is bánh) The  ingredients of this bot loc cake simply are filtered cassava flour (filtered flour made from cassava root), shrimps, wood ears and a few other spices of the garden. Shrimp for this cake just are small shrimps at the estuary of the rivers, has both tastes of the river and the sea.


Cassava root are powdered, filtered, then boil until seeing the transparent outer layer, inner still raw in white color, stop boiling then cooling them,  mixing them raw and the cooked and divided them into small pieces of dough, and sheeting them. This is the most sophisticated manipulation of this cake.

ingredient of banh bot loc quang binh

Each small dough sheet wrapped shrimp, little slices of poached meat and spices, shaping into a small bag shape, that’s the shape of a bot loc cake. For eating, fast boiling them for right eating right or wrap them in banana leaf the fast boiling for carrying away.

banh bot loc cake quang binh

Banh bot loc cake in banana leaf could keepfor many days, when eating, just  steaming again.

For great taste, eat banh bot loc with a bowl of fish sauce combined with chili, pepper.

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