Banh canh porridge

Banh canh porridge (Cháo bánh canh) is a popular, delicious and cheap dish in Quang Binh. Named as porridge but it’s cooked from two main ingredients: fiber noodles and peeled shrimp, the peeled shrimp can be replaced with pork ribs, fish slice for diffrent tastes.


The banh canh noodles ingredient are made from white aromatic rice (or flour). Initially, the rices are soaked in an period of time to ensure rices will not be sour or damage, then powdered rices, filtered through a cloth bag, hang to dry and then rolling into yarn.

soi mi banh canh quang binh

banh canh porridge quang binh

For shrimp, fish or pork ribs – after marinating with spices – fry them to ensure shrimps retains brittleness and fresh pink color; fish remains the same color and not fishy…

When enjoying Quang Binh banh canh porridge, so add a little small onions, (characteristic of the Middle of Vietnam) has been stir fried with the fish sauce , chilies and lemon juice .

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