Phong Nha – the movie scenes of Skull Island

Hollywood Team chose Phong Nha – Quang Binh to shoot the movie scenes of Skull Island – King Kong. Cha Noi Valley, Yen Phu Lake, and Chuot (Mouse) Cave in Phong Nha – Ke Bang, belong to Minh Hoa District, where the blockbuster was filmed.


The ‘Kong: Skull Island’ filmmakers arrived in Vietnam on February 18 after finishing their shooting in Hawaii and Australia. In the morning of 21/2 the film crew has come to Phong Nha prepare for the upcoming recording date. The crew stayed in Quang Binh from February 22 to 25.

Skull-Island team in quang binh

The film crew arrived in Quang Binh. Image:

yen phu lake

Phong Nha is known as the “kingdom of caves” where hides many mysterious landscapes, magnificent caves like castle is located in the heart of the limestone mountains.

Since the news of the film shoot, people have started to pay attention to the remote, mountainous areas, and many want to take a trip to experience the landscape first-hand.

The Kong: Skull Island crew also arrived in Trang An (Ninh Binh province) and Ha Long to shoot some scenes.

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