Mooc Stream

Mooc Stream (Suối nước Mọoc in Vietnamese) is located in the middle of the valley of limestone mountains, along the banks of Chay river, in the West branch of Ho Chi Minh Road. It’s about 60km from Dong Hoi City, 10km from Phong Nha to the Northwest.  Mooc Stream is one of the emerging destinations of Quang Binh Tourism today. Visitors says that the landscape here is like heaven.

Mooc Stream is beautiful and unique. Mooc stream – with water temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius, clear spring water and green, cool and creepy –  flows under the dense jungle and surrounded by soaring limestone cliffs.

Time to go?

The best time to go to Mooc stream is from April to June, because the weather is especially cool at this time. The air is also cool, suitable for us to explore, doing water activities such as swimming, tubing, … It’s also good from June to August, it’s hot on the way but will be cool at the stream. So, visitors can enjoy summer holiday under the cool temperature. The scenery and weather here are extremely suitable for picnics with family and friends.

What to brings?

  • Visitors should dress comfortably, sun glasses, sunscreen.
  • Wearing sandals is best because when bathing the stream, wearing thick will be very annoying. But depending on your preferences.
  • To prepare well for the trip, you should prepare yourself a bikini suit to serve the spring bath
  • In addition, prepare a towel to wipe the person dry when taking a bath.


  • Visitors are not allowed to bring food into the Mooc stream tourist area, you can buy food here at moderate prices, local flavor, fresh, …
  • Buy tickets to the Mooc stream tourist area and buy other tickets for other services (such as Kayak …). The tickets are cheap.

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