Bau Tro

Bau Tro is a freshwater lake located between Nhat Le beach the sand dunes in Dong Hoi, Quang Binh province. This lake is a major and important fresh water supply source for Dong Hoi city. This lake is known as an archaeological site where excavations found remains of the prehistoric Neolithic period. Bau Tro is a landscape, is both a vestige zone with archaeological sites of ancient Vietnamese to leave.


Just located about 100 meters from the sea, but the water lake is still fresh as the forest streams. Surrounding Bau Tro is the range of green casuarina trees emerging on the blazing sandy zone. Local people still tell many legendary stories about this lake that Bau Tro is so deep that no bottom. Formerly, someone threw a grapefruit into the lake, after that it emerged in … Bau Sen lake (another lake of Le Thuy district). Perhaps this legendary stories to tell that the water source in Bau Tro never dry, even in several months of hot summer.


In summer 1923, Max and Depiruy –  two French information members of the Vien Dong Bac Co School – had discovered archaeological sites at Bau Tro. Late that summer, Etinen Patte – the geologist cum archaeologist excavations – had organized excavation and published objects of prehistoric Neolithic period. These objects include many stone axes, two pieces of quartz, pieces of deprivation, grinding table of broken pottery pieces…

In spring 1980, Hue General University had held re-excavation Bau Tro sites at a distance 40 meters from Bau Tro’s edge, higher water surface about 2.3 meters, far from hole excavated of Patte more than 100 meters toward the west. Collected objects included several axes, stones, grinding pestle, spearheads, sharpening tables, and countless pieces of broken earthenware pots, pottery pots, vessels, …

Since then, the archaeologists took the site’s name to name the late Neolithic culture that were distributed in the coastal of provinces includes Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien is Bau Tro culture .

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