Abu Dhabi Prince explored Son Doong cave

On 10th Feb 2014, the expedition “Eploring Son Doong” led by Prince Mohammed Ahmed Hamdan Al falah (Emirate of Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates) have completed successfully exploring and returning.

The expedition has 19 members led by Prince Mohammed Ahmed Hamdan Alfalahi. This is the first time the expedition visit Vietnam and exploring Son Doong, the world’s largest cave in Quang Binh.

saudi prince sondoong cavePrince Mohammed Ahmed Hamdan Alfalah and his group successfully exploring Son Doong and return – Photo: Ha Huong

Departing on 7/2 and after 4 days they successful conquered Son Doong cave. The exploring team led by Mr Howard Limbert – famous British cave explorer.

Mr Khalid – a member of the team – who also once conquered Mount Everest in 2009, commented that Son Doong is “Everest under the ground”.

On the 11th Feb 2014, Prince Mohammed Ahmed Hamdan Alfalahi expressed his satisfaction about the success of the trip and said that Son Doong is a special place, very attractive, not like other places that the Prince had arrived.

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